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75.2% of the interviewees said there was a major shift in middle school

57.3% interviewees point out that people are not good for students' mental health

Leeson, a parent of a primary school student in Liaoning, is also a junior middle school teacher. He has no key class in the middle school, but there is an "elite class". He told reporters that at noon the top students would be called into a "elite class" class. In the ordinary big class, not deep content, in the elite class meeting is properly deepened.

A junior college in Beijing Li Mingyi believes that the compulsory education stage key class is influenced by the school teachers: "some schools only then one or two good teacher, the school will have excellent teachers Limited on the entrance to the students, these students also hope to get better education, so teachers do not the school will be rich, uneven students focus on the creation of classes." He admitted that he supported the opening of key courses, but also thought that the key class meetings would divide the students artificially. "Such a division is absolutely not a good thing for a mentally immature teenager".

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In the survey, 75.2% of the respondents said that the junior middle school was surrounded by "experimental class", "top class" and so on. 13.5% of the respondents said no, 11.4% of the respondents did not know. 47.7% of the respondents did not support the division of compulsory education in key classes, 27.2% of the respondents supported, and 25.1% of the respondents said they were not good.

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Leeson chose a good city public junior high school for the children, and the school did not have a major class. He confessed that if the key class was divided, of course, he hoped the children could enter. "It's not just me, the parents around you are going to squeeze it inside." He believes that the stress of the key class to the children is great, and it does not go in, and it will also affect the child's psychology.

Li Wen, a junior student in a university in Beijing, believes that the key classes in junior middle school can gather good students together, let them learn from each other, and encourage those who have not entered the key class to study hard and enter the key class. But she also acknowledges that the key points will bring uneven distribution of resources. "The best teachers and opportunities will be unfair to most of the class members and most of the other students." Li Wen also told reporters that once the students who had entered the key class were once divided into regular classes due to their poor performance at a certain time, they would not be able to adapt for a long time.

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What are the effects of the division of the key class meeting on the compulsory education stage? In the survey, 57.3% of respondents pointed out that the artificial classification is not conducive to the students to the students mental health, 52.5% of respondents believe that this will cause students opportunities between inequality, 47.1% of the respondents think that this will increase the education of parents anxiety, 44.8% of respondents worry that it will hit ordinary class students' learning confidence, 36.8% of respondents believe that this is contrary the stage of compulsory education balanced education, 29.5% of respondents believe that easily contributing to unhealthy relationship through the back door.

Wang Ting, a junior college student in Beijing, has been a key student in a public junior middle school in Shanghai. In her view, the compulsory education stage is near school. If there is no key class, the quality of teaching is difficult to guarantee. Some are hard in class, the teacher will disperse energy, will also affect the learning of other students.


But at the same time, Wang Ting also said that at the stage of compulsory education, many students who had not achieved ideal achievement had potential. If they divided the key class and the regular class too early, they would not be able to stand out.

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