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Autumn household health maintenance spectrum season home decoration maintenance six major details

Once the white dew solar term gas passes, the breath of autumn also gradually thick rise, many women who love beauty begin more careful ground to undertake protecting skin for oneself, when undertake for the body to maintain, do not forget to also make good autumn nourishing measure for the home!

Important things to say three times: fill the water! Hydrating! Hydrating!

The autumn is dry, the body wants to fill water, the house and furniture and so on also want to fill water. We can add a few greenery appropriately in the room or raise a few goldfish, add a few moist water vapor for the space, reduce at the same time high fever appliance is used, avoid to use digital product for a long time to wait, reduce heat to send out. As for wood furniture, we can use professional furniture care essential oil to wipe furniture, lock the moisture in wood, nourish wood furniture.

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Everything pays attention to a degree: proper moisture is not afraid of moisture!

Want to call me again protect wet want me to put damp again, so contradictory small make up you are to make a joke with me!! Of course not ~ although autumn is quite dry, protect wet must do, but we still want to consider a group of special group -- wooden furniture army, it is not suitable to be put in moist place, otherwise easy to appear the problem such as expansion, putrefaction damage, still have a few things that do not suit to touch water source also should pay attention to isolate wet place

Only lazy people are not ugly: they must be maintained regularly!

The female that has habit of protecting skin knows certainly, want the skin water embellish beautiful is to need long-term persistence to nurse, household is managed also so, should undertake maintain regularly. Furniture, floor tile, floor recommends to hit wax only once every quarter commonly, resemble now the season of early autumn can hit more than once, let them again bright live.

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Face cleanness wants attention: prevent air dirt!

It is also the same as skin care, cleanness does not do well so buy again expensive maintain article is useless, when managing household, want to prevent and clean the dirt in the air from time to time, especially the place that often trample, be like doorway porch a kind of area, can affix dustproof stripe to wait a moment.

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