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The popularization of high school education must be taken seriously to promote the integration of Ge

In addition, in recent years, a senior high school education in China, almost every year will be repeated two topics: one is to extend the period of compulsory education, high school education into the compulsory education; the two is to cancel the senior high school entrance examination, junior high school graduates as a schoolboy, the nearest entrance.

Such a topic, not only is the netizens talk about, but also the people's Congress, the CPPCC members, several proposals. The author notes that most of the netizens support the extension of the number of years of compulsory education and the cancellation of the exam. But their support is out of reality.

The reality is: our high school education, including ordinary high school education and secondary vocational education, is not balanced development. If we extend the compulsory education years, cancel the mid-term exam, which students enter ordinary high schools, and what students enter vocational schools? Netizens support the cancellation of the middle school entrance examination, which is to understand the high school education as only the ordinary high school, even the unbalance problem of the ordinary high school is ignored. Even if the secondary vocational school is not considered, the middle school exam should be cancelled and the high school school should be balanced. Otherwise, the school selection is more chaotic than the current junior high school.

Whether extending the length of compulsory education or cancelling the mid-term exam, we must have a basic premise: high school education is basically balanced, and in order to achieve the basic balance of high school education, we must take seriously the promotion of universal vocational integration and the construction of comprehensive high school. At present, high school and secondary vocational schools continue to maintain separate ways, whether to respond to public opinion in concern for the development of high school education, and to improve the quality of talents, talent supply and demand to solve two skin problems are difficult.

What is interesting is, if the construction of a comprehensive high school on the Internet to seek advice, that is, the approval of the cancelling of the Chinese test may not be in favor of. Because they don't know the logical relationship behind it. For the education of our country, the problem of unbalanced development is very serious. We should not only promote the balanced development of compulsory education, but also promote the integrated high school as a strategy for the future high school education. Recently, the local two sessions have been held. The author has noticed that the balanced development of basic education is more than just the balanced development of compulsory education, which is a major change. To promote the balanced development of high school, it is necessary to consider the problem of how to coordinate vocational education and general education.

At present, the key to developing high school education in China is to popularize high school education. In 2020, the gross enrollment rate of high school reached 90%. As we all know, the key and difficult point of popularizing high school education is to improve the quality and status of secondary vocational education. Because reading high school students have the enthusiasm, just don't get high school read only secondary students will give up (including abandon) read the post, thus affecting the popularization rate of senior high school.


There are many suggestions to improve the position and quality of the secondary vocational school. Including: the government departments to clean up the occupation education discriminatory education management system and personnel evaluation system, our country has already begun to cancel the enrollment of college entrance examination in the batch setting, is a great progress, but the employer, especially to recruit civil servants, state-owned enterprises recruitment, also proposed the academic requirements clear, and the formation of advocating skills in the social atmosphere, desalination and deviation; to give the school running autonomy, whether it is high school or vocational school,, have high quality and characteristics, are in need of school autonomy, otherwise will be thousands of school side of the school, secondary vocational schools cannot be flexibly combined with social demand, set up appropriate professional training of high-quality technicians. However, in combination with the national conditions of our country, these suggestions are implemented, and there is still a gap between the position and quality of vocational education. At present, the right way to solve this problem is that high school does not have a single vocational education, but combines it with general education.

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