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Educational background can be handled by "zero running leg" in the household registration room of th

Since March 5th, people who have been educated in Xi'an community collective households can upload photos of diploma and ID card in the public register of WeChat public number in Xi'an, and do not need to run errands directly.




According to the Xi'an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xi'an began to implement new household registration measures in March last year to attract high quality and professional talents. In order to facilitate the management of the household registration business on the mass line, the Xi'an Public Security Bureau launched the palmdomo household registration room in the last month. The people who need to handle can submit application materials online, and send the original materials by mail or directly to the household registration window. It will take a week or so to finish.




At the beginning of this year, Xi'an studied and revised the guidelines for household registration and household registration, and adopted a number of measures to further simplify the settlement process and improve service quality. Since March 5, 2018, the service of palmtop household registration room has been upgraded. People who collectively settle down in a community have to upload photos of identity cards and academic certificates through the palm household registration office of Xi'an public security WeChat, without going out. Huzhengguanli department after the audit will be mailed directly to the household registration card for people, convenient in the field or inconvenience to the masses the pavilia bay .

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