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plae Kids’ Shoes Offers A ‘Growth Spurt Guarantee’

plae Kids’ Shoes Offers A ‘Growth Spurt Guarantee’

Children’s footwear brand plae is committed to customer satisfaction. The company has announced the launch, beginning next week, of its Growth Spurt Guarantee, a program designed to meet the challenges of buying shoes for kids’ rapidly growing feet.

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The guarantee gives customers shopping at half off the next size up of a pair of shoes should their child experience a growth spurt within 30 days of purchase.

“We’re parents. We get it,” said Ryan Ringholz, plae’s founder and chief designer. “When kids grow fast, it’s a mixed blessing. On one hand, it’s great to see your kids flourish, but then the realization sets in: They just outgrew something you bought for them only a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to help alleviate the anxiety of that experience.”

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plae was founded in 2012 and is recognized for its novelty looks featuring an interchangeable straps. The concept allows for limitless looks with just one pair of shoes, while also offering the ability to customize the fit. Inside, the shoes feature Eco-Ortholite, an antimicrobial/bacterial bio-oil insole for enhanced comfort.

The Growth Spurt Guarantee is valid for all consumers with a plae account. Customers can register for an account at The shoes retail for $50.


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